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Things change on the web all the time, especially on blogs. Sometimes we intend to keep up with a blog but forget. There are several ways to you can keep up with new posts …..


Web feeds (often called ‘RSS’) are the best way (I think) to keep up-to-date with the latest posts. They allow you to automatically receive notification of every new post, or even receive the full text of a post, on your computer, so you don’t miss anything.

They work like this. When a new post is created on Is there a God?, a copy of it is automatically added to a special feeds page for this blog (you can see the Feeds page here). You can then use a feed reader or ‘aggregator’ program, which regular checks this feeds page, to receive notification when new content is available.

Feed readers

There are many different feed readers, many are free, and they come in two different types:

  1. Web-based readers are on the internet and can be reached through your web browser. You can generally set up your own dashboard-type page which shows the feeds to all the blogs whose feeds you subscribe to. Possibly the most popular of these used to be Google reader, but it has been discontinued.
  2. Desktop readers are software you download and run on your own computer. But they also generally allow you to set up a dashboard page which shows all your feeds.

I use Vienna, a desktop reader for the Mac, because I found it the most convenient and effective for the way I work. FeedDemon is apparently a popular desktop reader for Windows. If you’d prefer a web-based reader, Feedly is apparently the most popular, but I have used Netvibes and can recommend it.

Setting up a feed

To set up automatic feeds from Is there a God?, click on ‘RSS Feed’ in the sidebar on any page. When the feed management page opens, choose one of the methods under the “subscribe to” heading and follow the easy instructions.

Alternatively, go directly to the feed page, copy the URL and then go to your feed reader and paste the URL in. (For example, in Vienna, you just click ‘File’ then ‘New subscription’, a dialogue box appears, and you paste the URL in.)

Email subscription

If you enter your email address (under ‘Subscribe to this blog’) and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button, an email will be sent to you every time a new post appears. The email will include a link to take you straight to the blog.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps for Google reader (above) but at step 5 select to receive new posts by email. This will not just give you a notification, but a full copy of each post.

Use Facebook

There is a ‘Is there a God?’ page on Facebook. If you ‘like’ that page, you will get a notification in your Facebook news feed every time I write on the Is there a God? wall. Since I notify when I make most new posts, you’ll keep up to date that way.


  1. It occurs to me that I don’t even know what an RSS feed is. And I don’t know what tcgenolohy Google Reader uses. What I do know is that I can see new posts to the site using Google Reader. And I know that Google Reader installs nicely on my iGoogle page. I also know that there is a feed directory at my site where it looks like there is RSS information. And there is a comments/feed directory that seems to have RSS information for all the comments. Google Reader handles this, as well.

  2. It is all a bit confusing, I agree, but if your Google reader is working, then you should be fine.

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