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This page last updated December 11th, 2016

You are very welcome to comment here. The following may help you.


The internet is a great medium for information and interaction. But discourteous behaviour can ruin this. I want my blog to be a place where visitors feel welcome and safe from being verbally attacked. I see no reason why differences of opinion cannot be expressed politely.

Complimentary and critical comments are equally welcome on this site, as long as they promote friendly conversation. But insulting, rude, aggressive, aggravating, repetitive, silly or irrelevant, off-topic or spam comments may be deleted.

It’s always helpful to know when to stop. Sometimes it becomes clear that a discussion has little constructive happening, and is likely to degenerate into going round the same points over and over. I will drop out when I think that has happened, and I suggest you may consider that too.

Who are you?

You can comment anonymously, but please identify yourself with a username (otherwise too many comments from “anonymous” can be confusing). An email address is required.

Formatting comments

You can simply type in your comments and do no formatting, but you can use formatting if you want, by enclosing text in HTML tags.

  • Make words bold: <b>This will be bold</b> shows as This will be bold
  • Make words italics: <i>This will be italics</i> shows as This will be italics
  • You may wish to show the sentence you are commenting on in blockquotes: <blockquote>Blockquote</blockquote> shows as


  • If you want your blockquote to have quotes at the end as well, use this: <blockquote><span>Blockquote</span></blockquote> and it will come out like this:

    Blockquote with quotes at both ends

  • You can link to another page like this: <a href=”http://sitename”>Link</a> – but too many links may mean your comment will have to await moderation before it appears.

Nobody’s perfect

You can change your comment for 5 minutes after posting.

The first time you comment it won’t appear until I approve it, but after that your comment should appear straightaway unless it has too many links, has content that WordPress identifies as spam, uses too many words your grandma wouldn’t like, or some other problem.

Thank you. Hope you enjoy this site!

Graphic: I originally obtained this graphic from Gallery4Share, but I don’t think the site is operating now.