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Life’s big questions

Do you ever wonder if there’s any purpose in life. Is there a God, and does he or she have any interest in me? Can I know truth, or right and wrong? Is Jesus in any way relevant to me?

This site has good information I have researched. It has ideas that may stimulate your thinking, stories of people on the journey. And one person’s answers.

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Check out reasons to believe in God at whatever level of detail suits you.

Man thinking

Why believe?

A one-page summary of six reasons to believe in God.

12 reasons to believe in God

A lot to think about. 12 different pieces of evidence for God, followed by 6 evidences against belief in God.

Is there a God?

An expanded version of Why believe? – six pages of reasons to believe or not.

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10 things we can all believe?

Find it hard to believe in God, or anything for that matter? Here are 10 things you may be able to believe.

New & featured pages

Bird on a wire

Like a bird on the wire?

We long to be free. We want our lives to matter. We know deep down that we are more than animals. But how can we be free to flourish?


The probability of God test

Answer 10 questions and see how your answers imply a logical belief in God … or not. An update of a test I developed 12 years ago.

Or check out these topics


Check out what really makes us happy in life, and read about lives that have been filled with hope, healing or happiness.

footprint in the sand

We don’t have to fly blind – there are plenty of clues to God we can investigate if we want to find him.


Check out christian and other belief in God, see what makes sense and what you might be able to believe for yourself.

Change yourself and change the world – make it a better place for everyone.

A few things fun or creative …….. or something.

Comments from readers

… there is much to digest on this one page. Many thanks for providing so many answers for me. I will be looking closely at other pages.”
Richard, February, 2020.

“This is really thought-provoking.”
Aika, March, 2019.

“This is a great post and I think clearly frames the issues in an appropriate way. …. it seems you have been doing some great work with your blog. I really like the format and writing.”
Joe, November, 2018.

“If the Christian God is real then I think the conception you espouse is among the more viable options out there, and that’s a testament to your willingness to allow the data to inform your theology.”
Travis, September 2017.

“As a new christian, this has become one of my favorite sites from the first visit. Fantastic information, would love to see a book on all this out of you! …. I am just finding this blog but I love it already! I grew up in a very science heavy background and never really believed in God.”
Alex J, December 2016.

“I teach a college level course on mysticism. This is the single, best article on the subject I have found. It is fair, rational, well-documented. Put simply, it hits the nail on the head.”
Lee, December 2016.

“As a new christian, this has become one of my favorite sites from the first visit. Fantastic information, would love to see a book on all this out of you!”
Alex, August 2015.

“As far as knowledgeable Christians that you could reach out to, there’s an Aussie who goes by “unkleE” …. I was raised in a fundamentalist version of Christianity that preached biblical inerrancy …. unkleE’s theology is much more liberal/moderate (and preferable) than the one I grew up with. While unkleE and I often disagree, I have a great deal of respect for him as a person and as a Christian. He’s sincere, and that counts for a lot in my book. So if you’d like the input of a Christian, I highly recommend him.”
Nate, 2014. (Nate’s blog is Finding Truth)

You can read more comments (if you’re a glutton for punishment!) on Positive comments from readers.