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This page in brief ….

Sometimes you just want a quick answer to a specific question. So here are links to 1-minute answers to some big questions, previews to a fuller discussion if you are interested.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but these pages will give some thoughts to consider.

Questions about God

How can we know there is a God?

There are 4 reasons why I believe in God.

Why would a good God allow so much evil?

It’s a tough question, but I have 5 thoughts that may help make sense of it.

Why doesn’t God make himself more obvious?

There may be reasons, although some people think he is already obvious.

Questions about God and science

How did the universe start without God?

There isn’t a scientific answer, but maybe there’s another type of explanation?

Why is the physics of the universe “just right” for life to appear?

When we get to the bottom of the science, we can still ask how such an unlikely event occurred.

Can we believe in God and evolution?

Many christians believe there is no conflict between science and christianity. In fact science enhances their understanding.

Questions about religion

Are all religions the same?

Check out the facts about some of the world’s main religions.

Does being religious make you a worse person?

There is good scientific information on this question.

Does religion cause wars and terrorism?

Well, actually, not as much as you might think.

Questions about God and life

Can healing miracles actually occur?

Among the many urban myths, there are some accounts based on good evidence.

How do we know right from wrong?

Our deepest convictions about right and wrong may be a profound insight into our universe.

Questions about Jesus

Was Jesus a real historical person?

What secular historians say about Jesus as a historical person.

What we can know about the Jesus of history.

The historians say it is quite a lot, more than for most of his contemporaries.

Are the gospels historical

Secular historians treat them as useful historical sources

Are the stories of Jesus copied from pagan gods?

Not really, say the experts. There are very few parallels.

Did Jesus ever claim to be God?.

Maybe not, but he certainly implied it.

How can anyone believe that Jesus was raised from the dead?

The evidence is good. The difficulty is whethger we can believe in God or not.


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