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This website explores question of belief and disbelief, ethics, evidence, etc, all relating to whether God exists. This page sets out what you can expect from me.

What you can expect here

Where I’m coming from

I believe in God and I try to follow the way of Jesus. The purpose of this website is to present how I see the evidence for this belief, and offer those who don’t believe an opportunity to read, discuss, hopefully learn new things, share what they know and think, and consider without being browbeaten or insulted.

Evidence and information

I try to begin my discussion of each issue with factual summaries of what the best experts (scientists, philosophers, historians, etc) conclude, if this is relevant. And I try to present this information fairly. I am a layperson on most of these matters, so to do this I put considerable effort into reading books and webpages by the best scholars, who I reference.

Presenting my views

I develop my views based on this evidence, in as open manner as possible – outlining all the main views and why I come to my conclusions.

Bias and fairness

I recognise we all have biases, viewpoints and emphases. I try to be fair to all views, and to make clear my own assumptions.

Freedom to consider

I don’t press anyone to follow my view. I lay out the information and arguments, but the choice is yours and I respect that. I understand that others will choose differently.

Friends, not enemies

I enjoy friendly discussion, and all viewpoints are welcome. I see no reason why people who disagree cannot discuss amicably – we are all trying to make sense of life, and can always learn from someone else.

I am not interested in discourteous or combative discussions. If I occasionally overstep the mark in discussion, I will apologise.

What I expect here

I hope anyone commenting will have a similar approach and I expect comments to remain polite and relevant. Nasty comments will be deleted to keep the site welcoming to others. I may also delete spam comments if I think they are excessive.

Here is my Comment Policy and some ideas on rules for amicable discussion.

Thanks and welcome

Thanks for visiting this website. I am pleased you have read this and welcome any feedback. I hope you enjoy and gain from whatever else you read.

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