Belief (God, religion and faith)

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World religions

Check out the teachings of the different world religions. Think about which ones might be true and how we might decide which one. Find out more about Jesus and what christians believe.

arms-raisedKnowing God

If God exists, how would we know anything about his character? And how would we know if we could get to know him, and if so, how?


Information on the beliefs of the major world religions – who started them and when, and how their teachings and practices compare.


Reliable information about Jesus, whether he was a real person, what we can know about him, and how we should understand him.

egyptiangodsSceptical explanations for Jesus

Some say Jesus wasn’t actually a historical person, but the stories are legends, copied from other legends in the pagan world of the day. But the experts say this isn’t true.

Papyrus66The New Testament as history

The evidence that the New Testament contains sufficiently reliable historical information, preserved well enough for us to be confident of our knowledge of Jesus.

house-nazarethDifficulties with the Old Testament

This section considers some of the issues that are seen to cast doubt on the accuracy of the Old Testament, but may in fact indicate different ways to understand it.

Photos: MorgueFile – Mosque, monks, white church, idol, priest, Buddha, Hindu goddess, menorah.

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