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The world has many problems. If you want to try to do something to make the world a better place, or try to be a better person, read on!

Following Jesus

Jesus calls us to make a difference, beginning with ourselves, and working outwards to the whole world. Learn how you can be part of that journey.

Climate change

There has been a lot of misinformation about climate change, so that many people have been led to think that it isn’t real, or isn’t all that bad. But my work as a hydrologist and river manager has made it clear to me that climate change is real, but vested interests are trying to deceive us.

You and I can make a positive difference. We can play our part in preserving the world’s fragile environment, and support action that will reduce damaging climate change.

Get some good facts here.

Let the oppressed go free

You and I can make a positive difference. We can play our part in caring for vulnerable people. We can learn how purchasing habits in affluent countries can lead to oppression of the poor around the world.

There is much we can do to change this, if we are willing to give up a little of our affluence so the poor are not exploited.

Photo by NASA.

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