Hope, healing and happiness

Shakespeare wrote: The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. Some people sink, some swim, some soar.

Some people find peace, joy and faith in life, often out of despair and hopelessness. Some people are healed from serious illnesses and afflictions. Some believe they have an experience of God that changes their lives forever.

Some people pursue happiness via wealth, or love, or pleasure. Some find it, some don’t. And psychologists can tell us why.

All this, and more, in Life.

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Healing stories: finding hope and healing

People ask God for healing, often in quite desperate situations, and sometimes they receive the healing they ask for. These stories are generally well-documented.

  • Dying doctor recovers after prayer
  • Heart-starting action
  • Remarkable healing reported in medical journal
  • Addicts healed by prayer
  • Ten healings
  • Healings at Lourdes
  • More healing miracles
  • Does God heal and speak today?

Faith and health: how faith assists health

Atheist to christian: stories of people whose life changed dramatically

Changed lives: people “find God” and that makes all the difference

Unusual spiritual experiences: true stories of people’s experiences of God

  • Visions of Jesus?
  • Mystical experiences

Making sense of life and self


Seventy years in the making: my spiritual journey

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