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Standing, looking, thinking

Hope, healing and happiness

Shakespeare wrote: The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. Some people sink, some swim, some soar.

Some people find peace, joy and faith in life, often out of despair and hopelessness. Some people are healed from serious illnesses and afflictions. Some believe they have an experience of God that changes their lives forever.

Some people pursue happiness via wealth, or love, or pleasure. Some find it, some don’t. And psychologists can tell us why.

You can find all this, and more, in Life. Be encouraged by what others have found and experienced. Find renewed hope. Be challenged to try something new, to think differently.


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Healing stories: finding hope and healing

People ask God for healing, often in quite desperate situations, and sometimes they receive the healing they ask for. These stories are generally well-documented.

Faith and health: how faith assists health

Faith in God, or attendance at religious events, has been shown many times to be linked to better mental, emotional and physical health. Prayer seems to lead, at least sometimes, to better health and even complete healing of major illnesses.

Atheist to christian: stories of people whose life changed dramatically

Statistics show that many people brought up in one belief system, whether it be religious or atheist, change their beliefs at least once in their lifetime. I have collected stories of atheists converting to christianity, and you can find a number of them here.

Changed lives: people “find God” and that makes all the difference

Not everyone’s life goes according to plan, and some people find that life takes them into dark places. Sometimes these people find that God comes to them in their weakness and disillusion, and somehow heals them, gives them hope and lifts them up, and their lives take on meaning again.

Unusual spiritual experiences

Some people seem to have experiences that go beyond the normal life we all know. They have visions, dreams or deep mystical experiences. But are they genuine experiences of the divine? Or are they the product of suggestible minds? Or even urban myths?

  • Visions of Jesus?
  • Mystical experiences
  • Near death experiences (NDEs)
  • Do angels really exist?

Making sense of life and self

Where do we find purpose and meaning? Is it in pleasure, having a good time? Or is it in leaving the world a better place? How can we live better and with greater purpose?


We all want to be happy, but we don’t always know what’s good for us, and we often seek happiness where it can’t be found. But psychologists can show us how to increase the happiness and wellbeing in our lives.

Seventy years in the making: my spiritual journey

What leads an (allegedly) otherwise intelligent person to start a website like this? How did I go from Aussie boy to old man? How come I’m still a christian, more than seventy-five years after I was conceived? What has life taught me?

This is my story (if anyone’s interested); I guess you could call it my spiritual journey.

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