Positive comments from readers

This page last updated November 22nd, 2023

It’s always nice when people appreciate this site. Here are generally positive comments I have received that may give you an incentive to read more. That’s the idea, anyway! 🙂

“I don’t know Eric personally, but his site–the time and effort he has clearly put into each and every page and article he’s written–speaks for itself. Whether you’re looking to just get your toes wet or prefer wading in the depths, there’s something here for everyone to help assist them on their journey of faith. Thank you, sincerely Eric, for all you’ve put into this site”
John, November 2023. (John operates the Uniting Our Prayer website.)

“I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog. I’m, I suppose, what one would call an agnostic …. and have found myself pondering those very typically human questions. I find your blog very honest and am delighted by your own analytical style and your tendancy to provide multiple views on any given subject. I also find your willingness to admit doubt on any line of thought on any given subject truly liberating to see”
Aaron, June 2021.

“I’ve just discovered your site, and it’s full of wonderful, interesting information and insight. Very impressive, really great. I’ll check it regularly.”
Rob, February, 2021.

… there is much to digest on this one page. Many thanks for providing so many answers for me. I will be looking closely at other pages.”
Richard, February, 2020.

“This is really thought-provoking.”
Aika, March, 2019.

“I absolutely love the work that you are doing here. God bless you!”
Matthew, January 2019.

“You seem like a resourceful and level headed fellow.”
Bigworduser, January 2019.

“This is a great post and I think clearly frames the issues in an appropriate way. …. it seems you have been doing some great work with your blog. I really like the format and writing.”
Joe, November, 2018.

“I am under no pretense that our interactions are ever likely to end in a changed mind, but I find them educational and worthwhile nonetheless. ….. Don’t sell yourself too short. If the Christian God is real then I think the conception you espouse is among the more viable options out there, and that’s a testament to your willingness to allow the data to inform your theology.”
Travis, September 2017.

“You have a lovely site & it is nice to speak with you.”
Maybelle, June 2017.

“A good article indeed. I love apologetics and I find articles such as this very helpful. Thanks for sharing.”
Allan, June 2017.

“One more thing: I am overwhelmed with all the information available on your sites, and am very much impressed with the “middle of the road” (I hope this makes sense) stance you adopt in your articles. I’m so tired of protagonists / antagonists / apologists / whatever, who can wax quite vocal, and while doing so, somehow spoils an investigative experience…”
Arno, April 2017.

“As a new christian, this has become one of my favorite sites from the first visit. Fantastic information, would love to see a book on all this out of you! …. I am just finding this blog but I love it already! I grew up in a very science heavy background and never really believed in God.”
Alex J, December 2016, August 2015.

“I teach a college level course on mysticism. This is the single, best article on the subject I have found. It is fair, rational, well-documented. Put simply, it hits the nail on the head.”
Lee, December 2016.

“As far as knowledgeable Christians that you could reach out to, there’s an Aussie who goes by “unkleE” …. I was raised in a fundamentalist version of Christianity that preached biblical inerrancy …. unkleE’s theology is much more liberal/moderate (and preferable) than the one I grew up with. While unkleE and I often disagree, I have a great deal of respect for him as a person and as a Christian. He’s sincere, and that counts for a lot in my book. So if you’d like the input of a Christian, I highly recommend him.”
Nate, 2014. (Nate’s blog is Finding Truth)

“Many thanks for this excellent site. You have handled apologetics with knowledge, skill, and caring.”
Christine Sunderland, Novelist, July 2014.

“Stopping by to offer praises for your blog. I, too, blog about religious topics, however, from a secular point of view. …. Thanks for contributing to making the Internet a place where we can appreciate and learn about our diversity.”
Melissa, May 2014.

“Hi UnkleE, Just wanted to say that your website is awesome. …. Keep up the good work – you’re one of those rare characters on the internet who is actually thoughtful and respectful, rather than dogmatic and argumentative.”
Trav, December 2011 & April 2012.

“A beautiful site, and very helpful. Thank you for putting so much work into it. I especially love the ‘Does God Exist’ probability test. Very well done.”
Richard, February 2009.

” Thank you … for providing such a wonderful and thought provoking place to visit. …. You’ve obviously taken great efforts to represent different views while supplying much food for thought to the alternative. ”
Tommy, March 2007.

Photo: Pexels plus some immodesty by unkleE.