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Conversion stories

We all know that the number of committed religious people is dropping in most western countries (see, e.g. Who believes in God?). And it’s not too hard to find stories on the internet of people who were brought up religious, but now disbelieve. It may be less well known that, at the same time, a […]

The day God saved my life …. perhaps

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Visions of Jesus?

I’m always interested in people’s stories, and I’m always on the lookout for ways in which God may make himself known to us. So I have done some research on people having visions of Jesus – whether there are credible stories, and what they tell us.

Miraculous healings and God

It is not uncommon to hear about someone who says they have been miraculously healed by God. We may also look at some ‘faith healers’ and find it easier to believe they are charlatans. Do healing miracles happen? Is there any good evidence for healing miracles? How do we explain them?

The Middle East 2008 concert

This blog is supposed to be about the question Is there a God?, but one of my indulgences is to talk occasionally about another love in my life – music. And it is no secret that one of favourite bands is the now lamented Aussie band, The Middle East.

Farewell Middle East?

I have twice before (here and here) blogged about my favourite band at the moment, The Middle East. I am now devastated to report they have announced they are quitting.

drug addicts, triad gangs, and one of my heroes

The Hong Kong walled city The Walled City of Kowloon in Hong Kong was an accident of history. No-one was sure who had jurisdiction over this area as it was on the border between China and Hong Kong, which until a decade ago was administered by Britain. So police and the authorities turned a blind […]