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June 7th, 2013 in About. Tags: , ,


Website design

This website, in one form or another, is more than 7 years old. For most of that time I did the design and coding myself. But a year or so ago I decided I wanted to get the benefit of someone else’s design and coding – more professional graphic design, and coding that was flexible enough to show up well on small mobile devices as well as large desktop screens.

I looked at scores of designs from several different designers, and eventually purchased the theme you now see – Responz theme by Themify.

Track record

The design has lived up to my expectations. It is simple, and the use of photographs gives the site something of a “magazine” look, I think, which is what I wanted.

But Themify offers more. If you purchase a theme, you can get advice on any problems, or ways you might modify the theme, by posting on the Themify members’ blog. Recently I discovered that a modification I had made to their code caused the website, but not the blog, to not render properly in Internet Explorer 8. A quick post on the blog, and overnight I had the answer – some code I had accidently omitted.


So if anyone reading this is looking to purchase a WordPress theme for use on your own webspace, I can recommend Themify – good flexible designs for many different purposes (photo galleries, eCommerce sites, news sites, text-based blogs, etc) and all sizes of devices from smartphones to desktops, reasonable prices, plus good support.

Themify hasn’t paid me for this – they don’t even know I am posting it.