12 reasons to believe in God

It’s an age-old question. Is there really a God? What can we reasonably believe?

But it’s also a modern question.

Most cultures have evolved with a religion. For those living in that culture, believing in that religion was part of life. Not really to be questioned all that much.

But in modern western cultures at least, we have moved beyond blind acceptance, believing by faith in what has been passed down to us.

We demand evidence. We ask for proof. We need reasons.

12 reasons: evidence from an inquisitive life


I am a child of that modern quest for answers with substance.

I wasn’t raised with a strong belief, but for half a century I have searched out and questioned the evidence for God. I have rejected some beliefs and some reasons and accepted others.

I don’t believe there is proof of God, any more than there is proof of very much in life.

But I have concluded that God exists and he has left us clues to him being there and being interested in us. I believe we can follow the clues if we are interested, and find the answers. Answers that ring true and are satisfying.

None of my 12 reasons are new. Few of them are compelling on their own. But they are personal to me, for I have read, pondered, searched and discussed each one of them. And together they give me good reason to believe in God and to find in him purpose and meaning.

I share them hoping that you’ll also find them cumulatively helpful.

12 reasons: the series

So over the next weeks and months I’ll be trying to condense this evidence down to 12 short outlines, each with follow-up reading if you are interested.

What’s not to like?

But wait, there’s more!

After I’ve completed this series, I’ll have a look at reasons NOT to believe in God.

Begin the series

1. Why does the universe exist?

Index to the whole series

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  1. If there is a God then where did he come from? and why is there so much hurt & Hate here on earth is there a heaven? who really knows?

  2. Hi Sallie, thanks for reading and for these questions. I can only give you my answers ….

    If there is a God then where did he come from?

    I don’t think he came from anywhere, I think he is eternal, he has always been there, before time even. You might then say that maybe that’s true of the universe, and so we don’t need God, but science, maths and philosophy all suggest otherwise (see the next post in this series). The chain of cause and effect must end with something that has always been there, and God seems to me to be far more likely than the universe.

    why is there so much hurt & Hate here on earth

    Obviously much hurt and hate come from people being greedy and selfish, and I think that we can all understand that because we have all experienced it. Most people enjoy life (studies show that) but I must say I don’t understand why things are as hurtful as they are for some people. I hope you aren’t one who is experiencing bad hurt.

    is there a heaven?

    Maybe. Maybe it will be “heaven on earth”. If we believe in God, we can trust him to do something good.

    who really knows?

    None of these things is certain. Very little in life is. We just have to go with what we can work out. Why not hang around for the whole 12 reasons and see if they convince you?

    Best wishes.

  3. Stephen Hawkins said – Belief in God is the Ultimate Fantasy !
    Charles Darwin Said – If there isn’t a God – It would be necessary to invent one !

    Two of the worlds cleverest men seem to know what they are talking about. !

  4. Hi David, thanks for your thoughts. They are undoubtedly clever men in their field of study, but would you therefore take them as authorities on everything they say?

  5. These past few years I been moving at different paces. Trying to find balance, happiness, fulfillment, and other qualities in myself. I been thru so much these last few years. It’s like one life changing event set the tone for the years that have followed up until now. I believe that the true meaning of life is to be happy of course. But to also love yourself and see that it’s something great that created you. Something that orchestrated your mind, body, and spirit. Something that gave you wisdom, imagination, and emotions. There are so many different religions and beliefs in this world we live in. So many different opinions and so forth. I feel that all we can truly believe and go off of is our own personal experiences. We also have some who believe in nothing but Science. I’ve come to a point in my life where I no longer follow either. I believe the true meaning of life is to be in control of your own destiny. To achieve whatever it is that gives you that feeling of fulfillment to your desires.. Everyone has their own goals whether they are different or the same as others. But it’s about YOU. Let your desires be worth it. Let them be good. You know what’s right from wrong. It’s written in your essence. What hurts me the most is that some individuals have never gotten to control or create what’s written in their essence. It’s been passed down to them from whoever has raised them or the environment in which they were brought into at some point in their life. But it’s never too late. It’s about breaking away from anything and everything that brings negativity into your presence. No matter how difficult it may be you must break away and make your own path. The road is never easy, although some have been blessed with a much easier way. But for the ones who are fighting, keep fighting. I believe there is someone or something responsible for your existence who will see this fight and see the strength you have had. Even through the times you failed and/or fell. This self existent energy will bless you and show you why it was meant for you to endure what you have endured, and will love you through eternity. Enough Said.

    ~Travis Coburn~

  6. Hi Travis, thanks for sharing your journey and your conclusions. Perhaps you’d like to check out the following posts and see if they add anything to your understanding?

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