Philosophical arguments for the existence of God

July 28th, 2011 in clues. Tags: ,

If you want to check out well-prepared and easy-to-read arguments for the existence of God, I recommend Existence of God.

Tim was an atheist until he studied philosophy at university to post-graduate level, but he found the evidence and the philosophical arguments so persuasive that he was convinced of God’s existence. He is now a christian, and has set up his site to present the same arguments to others.

He covers all the standard arguments for God’s existence – first cause, design, moral, ontological and two arguments about Jesus – and also considers five arguments for atheism. If you want a simple statement of complex arguments, I recommend it.


  1. It’s disappointing to see that a graduate student in philosophy could be convinced by such bad arguments. I suppose we’re all only human, but still…

    Thanks for the link though.

  2. “such bad arguments”? Obviously one person’s meat is another person’s poisson! : ) Thanks for commenting.

  3. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed as well when I saw that he argued for irreducible complexity.

    Also, that typo made me chuckle, since “poisson” is French for fish. :o)

  4. 😀

    It did work then, though I didn’t get that it was a pun. : )

    I must say he has an interesting choice of arguments, though, and they are written in a very accessible style.

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