Evolution and God

Ascent of man

Quick answers to common questions

Does the science of evolution conflict with belief in God? Evolution may appear to threaten belief in God in several ways:

  • Is evolution unguided?
  • Is the design of life random rather than intelligent?
  • Evolution raises theological difficulties for teachings about Adam & Eve, original sin and the Fall.

Christians have responded in several ways:

  • creationism,
  • intelligent design (ID), and
  • theistic evolution (sometimes called evolutionary creation).

The science of evolution is well established, even if many questions remain. And Biblical scholarship doesn’t require us to see Genesis as literal history.

So I conclude it is reasonable to hold to both science and the Bible, if both are understood correctly.

Christians may indeed have to re-think some of their previous beliefs, but a close study of evolution, the origins of life and DNA presents some challenges to atheism also.

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