Healing miracles and God

Praying for healing

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There are stories of people being healed miraculously, after prayer. But are these stories really true?

Most claims about healing cannot be verified, and many are certainly doubtful. But if, after prayer for healing, a person recovers from a condition where a natural recovery is highly unlikely, and the case is documented with before and after medical evidence, then we have evidence worth examining.

I have found a decent number of cases where there is enough evidence to indicate something unusual has occurred.

  • Two heart attack victims where teams of doctors tried to restore life, decided there was no hope, but after prayer the patients recovered.
  • A 16 year old boy with a serious medical condition healed so remarkably that the case was written up in a medical journal.
  • Many other cases.

I conclude that, because there are so many apparent miracle healings, the probability that God is the cause of some of them must be quite high.

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