Who created God?


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Asking who created God takes us back to the beginning of everything. What existed before everything else?

Logically, there are only two possibilities. Either the first thing always existed, or the first thing came into existence without any cause and for no reason (because there was nothing around to cause it).

If God was the first thing, then no-one created him. Either she has always existed, or he began to exist without any cause.

There are several reasons why it is easiest to believe God has always existed:

  1. It makes no sense that anything, even God, can begin out of absolutely nothing. If there was nothing to cause anything, nothing would ever happen. Whatever the first thing was, it surely must have always existed.
  2. Scientists believe that time began with the big bang, when time, space, energy and matter were all created. If God created the universe, then he must exist outside our time, possibly outside all time. That is, she is eternal, he has always existed.
  3. It is hard to think of anything else other than God that could always have existed. The scientists tell us the universe had a beginning at the big bang. And it sure doesn’t look eternal, because it is slowly “winding down” to eventually reach a state where either it doesn’t exist or it is thin gas with nothing happening.
  4. Christianity teaches that God exists “from everlasting to everlasting”.

So it seems that no-one created God, but God created all things.

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Graphic: Painting of God by Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano, in Wikipedia