Why believe in God?

Quick answers to common questions

Millions of believers report that they have experienced God – he has healed them, spoken to them, guided them or turned their lives around from something bad to something good.

Some of these experiences are supported by good evidence and they generally lead to positive effects in the lives of these people.

And there seem to be good reasons to think God is really there to do this, for God seems to be a better and more holistic explanation of ….

  • why the universe exists and why it seems incredibly well-designed for life,
  • why human beings appear to have consciousness, free will, a moral sense and rational minds, and
  • the life of Jesus and his impact on the world – according to the historians, it appears that Jesus really did live and do and say many of the things recorded of him.

So there appears to be good reason to believe in the God of Jesus.

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