Arguments against God based on what God ‘ought’ to do

Sign: religion is stupid

Not long after christianity began, a critic named Celsus argued that Jesus couldn’t have been divine, for he missed the opportunity to prove his divinity by disappearing from the cross.

I find this an unsatisfactory argument, because it assumes that Celsus knew what God’s purpose was. And I find similarly unsatisfactory arguments being used today.

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What does it all mean?


Many of my fellow bloggers, some friends, some more like protagonists, have written up the story of their spiritual journeys, mostly from christian belief or a christian upbringing to disbelief or atheism.

I decided it was time I did the same thing.

So here it is, a reflection on 69 years of life and more than half a century of grappling with the question of God and what he requires of us. It’s longer than usual, but I hope it is of some interest.

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Would you believe a miracle if it happened to you?


Sceptics sometimes say they would need more tangible evidence to believe – there’s insufficient evidence in the Bible and in the philosophical arguments for God, they say, so they need something incontrovertible.

Yet at the same time, many say that no matter how much evidence there is for an action of God in the world, such as a healing miracle, it would never be enough to convince them, because a natural explanation is always more likely. Richard Dawkins, for example, said in a conversation with fellow atheist Peter Boghossian, that he can’t think of any evidence that would persuade him. Even a spectacular visitation by God could be a hallucination, a conjuring trick or aliens from outer space.

I have been pondering this.

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The fine-tuning argument for the existence of God: does it work?

Big bang

A reader, Hugo, and I have been discussing the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God in the comments section of another post. His most recent comment contained a number of interesting points, so I thought there was enough for a new post.

So here are Hugo’s comments, shown as blockquotes, with my responses. (I have tried to address all the points and take quotes that fairly represent the views expressed.) Please feel free to join in.

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