Who’s afraid of Peter Boghossian?


You may not have heard of Peter Boghossian. But one thoughtful christian blogger (Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian) thinks he’s a “dangerous man” and wonders whether his 2013 book (A Manual for Creating Atheists) might be seen as “a turning point in the decline of Christianity in the West”.

Perhaps Tom has been a bit spooked, but surely something’s going on to provoke this response.

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Is the human mind evidence of God?

Looking at the stars

We human beings are aware of ourselves in ways that robots and computers are not, we can think in ways they cannot, and we firmly believe some things are truly right or wrong. Granted humans have evolved by natural selection, science finds it difficult to produce an explanation of these facts – how does a set of physical processes lead to such non-physical outcomes?

These matters have therefore formed the basis of arguments for the existence of God. So I am naturally interested when a non-theistic philosopher and a non-theistic blogger find there are good reasons to question the naturalistic explanations.

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The primary reason we each believe what we do

I couldn't be an atheist

Benjamin Corey’s Formerly Fundie blog is one I read regularly. Benjamin mostly writes, from a slightly radical perspective, about christianity and church in America.

But his latest blog (Why I Just Couldn’t Be An Atheist, Even If I Wanted To) discussed how he and an atheist friend sometimes discuss their respective beliefs.

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