AI & “Is there a God?”

July 10th, 2024 in Fun. Tags: , , ,
Robot looking at Is there a God? website.

After my previous serious look at AI, I thought I’d also have a bit of fun.

So I asked the Claude AI large language model to write me a 100 word home page promo for Is there a God? Check out what it came up with.

Claude is a higly rated large language model. Here is the promo it (he?) wrote for this site. The only changes I’ve made are to replace Claude’s generic URL with the actual one and to add some formatting.

Explore the Evidence at

Curious about the divine? offers a compelling journey through evidence supporting God’s existence. We present logical arguments, scientific discoveries, and personal testimonies that point towards a higher power.

Our site features:

  • Clear explanations of cosmological and teleological arguments
  • Interviews with scientists who see God’s hand in nature’s complexity
  • Discussions on morality, consciousness, and the human quest for meaning
  • Stories of lives transformed through faith

Whether you’re a skeptic seeking answers or a believer desiring deeper understanding, provides thoughtful, respectful exploration of life’s ultimate question. Join us in uncovering the rational basis for belief in a divine creator.

Discover why millions find faith not just comforting, but convincing. Your spiritual journey starts here.

Do you like it?

Here’s the existing home page into

Life’s big questions

Ever wonder if there’s any purpose in life?

Or asked yourself: What makes a good life? Can I know right and wrong? Is there a God, and does God love me?

I have researched facts about life’s big questions, and gathered accounts of people on the journey.

I hope this may stimulate your thinking and help you think things through.

My intro is deliberately low key. I was expecting, and hoping, Claude’s text would be more upmarket. I imagine its algorithms were trained on text that was written by a wider variety of people and styles, and thus generally more positive, e.g. advertising material seeking to make a sale.

Claude has written very competent copy that has talked up my website to try to “seal the deal” with readers. (It’s actually more than 120 words, but I wouldn’t want to be pedantic.)

There is a lot I like about its text, though a few things I’d change.

So should I use it?

The graphic was generated by Night Cafe with modifications by unkleE.

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