1. @uncleE
    “Jesus talked and acted as if he was divine – he acted as God’s representative and king”

    I understand from the above that you consider Jesus as a representative (prophet/messenger) of the One-True-God and don’t believe that Jesus was a god or son of god in literal terms.

    Do you agree with me?


  2. Hi paarsurrey, no I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you. I believe Jesus was divine, the son of God, as most christians do. I realise that is not your belief as a Muslim. Best wishes.

  3. I have gone to a deeper level. Far from the physical perception of the Universe. DesCartes said I think therefore I AM.. Moses asked God who shall I say sent me? God replied. Tell them I AM has sent you. I AM is the basic unit of awareness of ones existence. But without our physical perception where are the lights that sparkle our eyes? Where is the music that moves our spirits? Where are the hugs that comfort and reassure us? Where is the food and drink the refresh us? Where are the accomplishments that give ur existence meaning? The purpose of life is not mysterious. The mystery is in why so many people fail to follow the simple rules that make life so enjoyable.
    BTW. I do not believe anything exists except as the dreams we choose to create in this nothingness of our awareness of existence.

  4. I see in you what I have evolved from. Became a Christian in billing’s Montana first united methodist church… around 1970.. but I recognized the church was hijacked by those who use gods words to get people to harm one another in the name of God. Jesus said it Himself “they will do evil in My name (christians)!and I will say to them depart from me for I knew you not. The Serpent first used religion or gods words to deceive Adam and Eve.. Satan tried to use Gods words to deceive. Jesus but of course Jesus showed that Satan took those words out of context. But as evidenced by the thousands of religions that claim each other are all hell bound, and Christian patriots who believe marching off to war to murder men women and children is in some way the will of a God who said thou shalt not kill and his son who said Love your enemy is of the same mind as the Satan and the serpent. Anyway this is already too long. Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.

  5. What if this life is the middle of existence has an eternal past and an upcoming eternal future? What if it is about right and wrong? What if our “God” is our spirit father patterned after the family unit that has existed throughout human history? What if we chose (free will) a plan of of God to be able to achieve perfection and all that He has and is, in time, in a long time, and become like God by being born with physical body to enable us to feel pain as well as joy and experience opposition in all things including Satan, who wants and fights for our eternal spirits as he hates God and Jesus? The influence of Satan is what causes men to hate. What if Jesus is God in the Godhead and was sent to save us from evil by the At-One-Ment that he suffered and gave his life for? What if we choose (God)Him by reading his gospel in the Bible and other scriptures? What if we choose to do what He asks us to do and live as Jesus’s perfect example of love? If the entire race, or children of God, lived by those principals Jesus taught, the world would be full of love and Satan would have no power over us. What if He had a plan to spread His gospel, even to those who have gone before, to choose His gospel, which is perfectly equal for each of His children? We would pass the test at the final judgement, choose Him, and receive the gift of eternal life, which is to be like God, or as I refer to Him, my Heavenly Father. I have been thinking about blogging. I found yours and you pretty much covered what I believe except for the answers to my what ifs.

  6. Hi Jill, thanks for reading and commenting. I don’t think I’m up to answering all those what ifs! But I’m glad you found something here that resonated with you.

  7. Hi Jill, I certainly thought about what you wrote. I think many of your “what ifs” I already believe, many others I would be sympathetic to, maybe one or two I disagree with. So it sounds like we are on the same page, more or less. Where do those thoughts take you?

  8. Hi Marija,

    I didn’t delete your comments but they went into the Spam folder because they seemed like spam. Have you got something you want to say?


  9. I’m sorry Marija, that wasn’t clear to me. I get so much spam so I have to be careful. Thank you for pointing those missing graphics out to me, I will correct them when I can.

    I’d be interested to understand how you found those locations for the images please.

  10. i looks for missing image and then put it in web machine, where i founds them

    tato got up pluggin that says if in or not

    must i looks for more where picture missed?

  11. Hello again, Marija, I appreciate your help and I’m sorry I misunderstood you at first. If you find any other missing pictures, I’d be pleased if you let me know thanks. Do you do this for other websites as well? What leads you to check these things? Thanks.

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