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June 7th, 2012 in About. Tags: ,

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You have probably noticed that the appearance of my blog has changed, and possibly keeps changing.

I wanted to have a different design, and I wanted the blog, and eventually the entire site, to be easily read on mobile devices with smaller screens. The easiest way to achieve these two aims was to buy a ready-made theme and adapt it. So I have purchased a theme from Themify, and will be adapting it over the next few days for the blog, and eventually for the whole site.

Please don’t be put off by any glitches. Instead, I’d be pleased if you could help me in two ways:

  1. If you see something that doesn’t work or doesn’t look right, please email me or make a comment.
  2. I’d really love some feedback – on the design or on the content. It would be encouraging if YOU made a comment.



  1. First: It looks quite nice, I like the black bars at the top and bottom. Are you going to try remodel it after the overall design of the site?

    Though I see that the images under “Recent posts” do not appear, they seem to be miniature version of the images used in the threads though.

    Also, the font used for headers is a little hard to read in smaller font sizes.

  2. Thanks.

    No I’m going to get this the way I want it, then remodel the rest of the site to suit. I felt the old site was a bit boring and plain, and this site (when it’s all fixed up) looks more like a magazine, which I like. But there’s a little way to go yet.

    Yes the recent post images is the thing I’m currently working on. I think I agree about the small font sizes too.

    These changes cannot be made offline, so I have to do them “live”, despite the problems. So step 1 is to get all the features working (now OK except for the images), then step 2 is to tweak the design by changing colours and sizes a little. I think I will make the right sidebar slightly narrower, widen the text a little and then increase sizes everywhere.

    Watch this space!!!

  3. I see you got the images working. They look good now!

    The red banner you have as site admin is also a neat little change

  4. Thanks. yes the images work now, but they are not fully fixed yet.

    1. I currently have to post them in a different way to how I did the images before (I won’t go into why).
    2. I think they work best if they are a particular size and shape, and my old ones aren’t, though I can make all new ones conform perhaps.
    3. I have to decide how I will use those “featured post” listings, plus the “slider” of pictures on the blog home page (you may not have seen it if you only visit individual posts). They are a nice feature, but I need to think about how they can be used best.

    So there’s lots to still work out – including whether the main navigation is best where it is or in the black band at the top (both options are possible), and how to modify fonts and text sizes & colours. But I think the site is more interesting this way, do you think, or do you think the sparser simpler old design was easier to read?

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