Following Jesus

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This website has been online, in one form or another, for almost 7 years. In that time it has mostly been about evidence and reasons for believing in the God of christianity. My idea was to offer readers food for thought from a reasonably fair-minded viewpoint.

But I haven’t indicated what people might do with the information ….. until now.

Facts call for a response

The evidence about God, however we construe it, calls for a response. Those who think the evidence indicates God doesn’t exist, and believing in Jesus is folly, will tend to ignore the whole thing, or perhaps even vocally oppose christianity.

Conversely, those who believe God exists and Jesus revealed him to us, will probably want to do something about it. But what?

Getting it right

Some christians suggest responses that seem a little formulaic, and certainly don’t reflect the way Jesus taught and the sorts of responses he asked for. It isn’t easy to translate Jesus’ teachings and calls for action from first century Judaism to the twenty-first century western world, but I have tried my best.

Following Jesus as he intended

I suggest there are 5 aspects of Jesus’ teaching to consider:

Believe him

Jesus called his listeners to believe what he said was true, and to trust him. That must be the starting point for us too.

God is in charge

Bible scholars agree that the key to Jesus’ teaching was the kingdom of God – God is in charge, and through Jesus is beginning to take charge in a new way, caring for the poor and outcast and establishing a community of followers to carry on his work of putting things right.

We can join in

If we believe in Jesus and are willing to follow him in this work of establishing God’s kingdom on earth, we can join in. This will require us to ask for forgiveness for previous wrong attitudes and actions, and to put our own agendas aside to follow the way of Jesus in the way we live.

Walking in the way of Jesus

Joining in is easy, but living it out takes a lifetime. God will call us to share the good news, join in fighting injustice, forgive even our enemies and allow God to form a new character in us.

Hang on, help is on its way

But we are not alone. God gives us his Spirit to guide and enable us, and to teach us as we go, and a community of fellow followers to encourage and support us. Together we can make a difference.

It’s the best choice anyone will ever make!

I invite readers to allow this understanding of Jesus to change them. Read more at Following Jesus: first steps.

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