Searching woman finds Bruce Almighty

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You’ve probably heard of someone “finding God”, but have you heard of anyone finding Bruce Almighty?

That’s what happened to Rachel, and it wasn’t somewhere you’d expect, either.

An unexpected voice

Rachel was born in Malaysia and raised as a Buddhist. She moved to England and came to a point in her life when she was “in the pit of despair” and wanting to get out.

She was having a bath when the unexpected happened. A voice said to her: “Rachel, love as I have loved you.”

She had no idea who this was, she had no contact with christians or a church. But she knew it must be God speaking to her, so she called him Bruce Almighty, because that was the name of the only western god that she knew.

Putting a name to the voice

So began the search to find out more.

Rachel says she “ransacked the Bible” and “watched a lot of shows”, to find out who he was. Eventually she realised that the voice was Jesus, taking the initiative to have a relationship with her and to tell her about himself.

When she realised this, she says she dropped to her knees, said sorry for all the wrong she had done and gave her life to him.

What to do with this new feaith?

All this was without any contct with christians or a church. But once she knew what she believed, Rachel began to look for a suitable church to attend, and ended up in a lively church in Birmingham, UK, where she now leads others in exploring faith and finding Jesus.

Most christians come to faith in Jesus through parents, friends or maybe a book or event. But I know of a few people, like Rachel, whose faith seems to have come directly from God. Her story is particularly remarkable because she clearly knew so little about christian faith before Jesus spoke to her – only about Bruce Almighty!

You can hear Rachel’s story in this video, 45:00 to 49:00.

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