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The what and why of belief in Jesus

It is good, every now and again, to reflect on what we believe and why, and to review if there is any reason to change our minds. I think it is good, too, for a blog author to remind their readers of what the blog is all about. So here’s my summary – what I […]

We cannot be kind to each other here for even an hour?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, in his poem Maud wrote: Ah yet, we cannot be kind to each other here for an hour; We whisper, and hint, and chuckle, and grin at a brother’s shame; However we brave it out, we men are a little breed. Most of us, upon reading that, would probably smile ruefully and […]

Time for a change

Expect some changes in this website soon. I want to update the design, mostly to make it better suited for viewing on mobiles (more than a third of my visits now) and to make it more stable and easier for me to manage. There’ll be disruption for quite a while as I gradually update and […]

I remember when the world was very different

I’m not sure if I was a normal boy, but I always loved maps. So one of my favourite books was the Oxford University World Atlas. I loved it because of the diversity of its maps – it even included details on the solar system (I loved astronomy too!) and the exploration of Australia by […]

This blog’s aspiration

Picture: Heart Centred Rebalancing.

What does it all mean?

Many of my fellow bloggers, some friends, some more like protagonists, have written up the story of their spiritual journeys, mostly from christian belief or a christian upbringing to disbelief or atheism. I decided it was time I did the same thing. So here it is, a reflection on 69 years of life and more […]

I’m a guest blogger

Eva, a fellow Aussie who blogs as The Aspirational Agnostic asked me to write a guest post, and so I tried something different – three short, short stories under the title There is love. You may like to check it out.

Welcome to atheists (and others)

In this blog I explore questions of belief and disbelief, ethics, evidence, etc, all relating to the question of whether God exists. Readers agree and disagree, and some accuse me of inconsistency or dishonesty. I thought it might be worthwhile setting out, particularly for the benefit of non-believers who visit, how I try to work, […]

Themify – recommended blog themes

Website design This website, in one form or another, is more than 7 years old. For most of that time I did the design and coding myself. But a year or so ago I decided I wanted to get the benefit of someone else’s design and coding – more professional graphic design, and coding that […]

I’m a guest blogger (again)

Readers will know that courtesy in discussions between believers and unbelievers is something dear to my heart (see, for example, Atheists vs christians: does it have to be war? So when Matt, who has a blog titled Confessions Of A (former) Young Earth Creationist, asked me to write a post on Conversing with atheists and […]