1. The Martir CHRISTIAN Jocaxian and the Rapist Espiritism
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    Belief in one God, as we saw above, not only keeps us from common sense, logic and truth, but can also induce us to insane acts such as, for example, the Inquisition, the Crusades, and currently “suicide bombers “, among others. To understand the logic behind these insane acts propelled by irrational faith, we show the following two examples (fictional): “The Martyr Christian Jocaxian” and “The Spiritualist Rapist.” Such behavior motivated by irrational belief, despite following a clear logic, will produce disastrous results. The explanation is that their premises, that is, the beliefs that are based are wrong, and despite the logic is clear, if the premises are erroneous conclusions can be catastrophic. [1]


    I.3 – The Martyr Christian Jocaxian


    The Christian Martyr Jocaxian (MCJ) is a great person: a devout Catholic of God and a great father. The MCJ want the best for your family and your children, and will do everything in their power to give the best to them.


    Thinking about the future of their children, MCJ recently had a great idea: he knows that his children are still innocent children and, as a fervent religious believer also know that heaven is infinitely better than the Earth and therefore the best place to be. Therefore, MCJ has a plan to send their children there because it would guarantee their happiness has, next to God, and prevent perhaps could sin and go to hell.


    MCJ know to run your plan he will have to kill their children, but this is no problem, because life on earth is nothing before eternity in paradise and your kids will be eternally grateful to have been sent to such a good place, next to God.

    MCJ, as a regular reader of the Bible, is aware that killing is a sin and that when sending their children to heaven, he himself will go to hell. But as a good father, he thinks first in his children and therefore will take this martyrdom. However, still has a hope, therefore, satisfying the desire of Jesus – “Come to me children” – and doing it for the good of them, may perhaps have divine forgiveness.

    How good man, MCJ is studying, the Internet, making bombs. It also aims to bring more children to paradise placing a huge bomb in higher infant school in their neighborhood. So do good not only to their children but also other children.

    Sometimes MCJ wonders how no one had thought of it before, and thinks that just was not done because they did not believe really in paradise, or because they were too selfish for fear of eternal damnation to the good of others. MCJ know that Hitler also took millions of innocent directly to heaven, closer to Jesus and therefore will write a letter to the Pope proposing to his canonization.

  2. Hi Jocax, it’s a little fable, and not a very pleasant one. I think I’ll stick with reality, thanks, which shows that christians are more likely to behave in prosocial ways. And please don’t post the spiritualist rapist fable because I imagine I will take it down. Thanks.

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