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“The sun came up from the ocean, red with the cold sea mist”

I’ve been away on a short holiday for the last week, at a beautiful spot on the NSW coast. Our holiday unit is right on the beachfront, with views over the Pacific Ocean. We sleep just inside large glass doors, so we hear the sounds of the surf during the night, and wake as the […]

Is there anybody out there? Or are we alone?

I suppose most of us have looked up at the night sky and wondered at some time – is there any other life out there? Another way of framing the question is to ask – is the earth unusual in supporting (supposedly) intelligent life? I have investigated this question in the past (see A rare […]

Does religious belief make you more moral: a case study in misusing data?

Initial note This is unfortunately a sometimes negative post, and slightly longer than usual. I’m sorry about that. I have tried to be fair and positive, but I think it was important to address this issue. Both christians and non-believers seem to want to prove that their belief makes for a better society and the […]

Religion and war: evidence and misinformation

It’s a common theme of atheist critiques of religion: religion causes war and mass killing. And yet the historical evidence shows something different.

Is religion dying out? Is this inevitable in the modern world?

I’ve seen it many times. A confident statement by a committed atheist that religion is dying out. It is inevitable. Modernisation, especially science, has made it impossible for the virus of faith to survive much longer. Scandinavia is a peaceful paradise and almost godless, and shows that once society rides itself of God, prosperity and […]

A brief addendum on climate science

Further to my rave on climate science yesterday, here is a website where a geochemist reports he reviewed thousands of peer reviewed articles on climate science, dated November 2012 to December 2013. Of 2258 papers, with a total of 9136 authors, he found only one paper and one author who denied that human-caused global warming […]

World climate 2013: honest disagreement, wilful blindness or deliberate deception?

I have looked at Australia’s climate in 2013. Now, how did the world’s climate fare in 2013? And what does the recent “polar vortex” in the US say about climate change?

2013 – that was the year that was ….. hot!

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney has been mounting an extensive disinformation campaign on climate change for years now. The tactic is simple, and apparently effective, if not truthful – latch onto any isolated “fact” that seems to show some evidence of a cool world, ignore all the facts, evidence and reports to the contrary, and […]

Wealth, poverty and inequality

Try this brief quiz: Which country is the richest in the world in terms of median wealth? Which countries come close? Which countries have the greatest and least disparity between the rich and the rest? In the richest country, what percentage of people live in poverty? Have a guess, then check out the answers.

How much did your T-shirt cost?

Aussies wear T-shirts. We wear them at the beach, or around the house, or under a shirt when we go out. So we buy lots of them. And we like to pick up a bargain. And we’re not alone – T-shirts seem to be popular all over the world. So how much did your last […]