Fair Trade chocolate – report 2

Growing cocoa

Back in November I reported on exploitation in the world cocoa trade in My pleasure, their misery?. At that time I wrote about this to two prominent chocolate manufacturers.

I subsequently reported (Fair Trade chocolate – report 1) that I had received a reply from Cadbury indicating their ongoing support for Fair Trade products. I think they could do more, but it is encouraging that they have come this far.

Now, more than a month after I wrote to Darrell Lea, I still have not received a reply. Of course, Christmas is probably their busiest period, so I may hear from them in January. We shall see.

Anyone want to join in writing to Darrell Lea, and also to Nestle, Lindt or others?

Photo courtesy of World Vision.


  1. Yes, good for the African farmers. Very good. I laotlty agree that this is basically a good thing.. But here’s my question and concern. What about Cadbury’s workers? Do they get a living wage? A union? A vote in company decisions?My problem with corporatizing Fair Trade in this way is that the company gets to say, “Excelllllent, Smithers ..make the little brown people form cooperatives’ so we can boost prices per unit! These cogs in the US will pay anything if we slap a Transfair label on it! Bwa ha ha ha ha!”That’s not to take anything away from Cadbury’s decision to pay Fair Trade prices to farmers. But I’d like see to the companypractice what they preach.

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