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  1. Not had time to read this site fully yet, but so far it looks like a great site. I hope you get a lot of traffic.

  2. i belive in miracle jesus is the miracle worker,the holy spirit is manifester,i glad and previlage know this great woman of god, her blessed memorise kathryn kuhlman.thank you jesus.

  3. My pastor is doing a study on healing so so am I. I googled and this is one of those that came up. I also remember reading some where in other parts of the world where Christianity is more in belief that “healing” is more prevalent, which leads me to wonder about the time when the Lord was returning to His own home and He was somewhat unable to perform many miracles because of disbelief! Interesting isn’t it? It’s also interesting that in a country where Christianity is forbidden, China, 10% of the nation is supposedly Christian. I’ve also heard that they leave them alone since Christians do support? government? Thank you for your site.

  4. Hi Stephen, thanks for your positive comments. Yes I think christianity is growing best when people don’t have things so easy (Africa, South America, Asia especially China) and not doing so well in the west. I too have wondered why we don’t see more healing in western countries, and I think lack of faith may be one reason. Thanks again.


  6. God is wonderful that find and be his own saved man and woman today by Christ and lisnering his voice in small whisping when is speaking to us in blessing and encourage and in healing touch with that the rivers of healing from Christ and drinking of the milk and eating the sweet of honey,thanks an dbless and win,keijo sweden

  7. 32 years ago on December 8th I knelt by my bed (for the first time in many years and prayed with total abandment for God to take my disease away.
    That same night I awoke with Jesus at the foot of my bed hand out streched
    I put my hand in His and have never touched alcohol since that night

  8. I absolutely believe in divine healing. I have been praying for healing for both myself and others and I firmly believe God will grant me a breakthrough. He is the great physician.

  9. Thanks everyone who has visited recently and left a positive message. It is wonderful to hear from you all.

  10. I teach a college level course on mysticism. This is the single, best article on the subject I have found. It is fair, rational, well-documented. Put simply, it hits the nail on the head.

  11. Hi Lee, thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is very encouraging to hear. It isn’t always easy to approach a subject one is not especially familiar with and read enough to get a fair perspective, so if I have managed to do that I am very gratified. Thank you again.

  12. Thanks for this – sooooooo encouraging for me right now. I have two unwell elderly parents, (one critically ill) with numerous issues and am praying for their healing -in the ‘natural’ this is ridiculous but nothing is impossible for God, and at the end of the day, he is the EXPERT, not the doctors.

  13. When the Savior returned to God the Father, He said to the believers that He would not leave them comfort less. He would send the Holy Spirit whose name is The Comforter. This, by the way, is the same Spirit Who was brooding over the waters before the creation of the world. His power is still the same today. You can bet on it.

  14. Thank you very much fot the testimonies. It would be appreciated if the children of God could join me in prayer for healing for my wife who has been diagnosed with cancer of the breast. The cancer has also spread to the liver and bones.

    Please furnish me with the email address of ‘healing evangelist’ Kathryn Kuhlman.

    Thank you.

  15. I will certainly pray for your wife.

    Unfortunately Kathryn Kuhlman died many years ago. May I suggest you look for a local healing ministry, or try to contact Iris International (Roland and Heidi Baker) or Africa Enterprise.

  16. Wow, this is a good explanation for me! I read it all, so now I have a theory on how the Universe started.

  17. I do believe in God and that He is visible as the Spirit who is revealed through the actions/(way of life) of those who practice unconditional love. I still struggle to comprehend why God is perceived as rather masculine than feminine.

  18. I think it is partially a leftover from patriarchal societies, when to communicate who he is, God had to reveal himself as masculine, and partly the fact we don’t have any personal but non-gender third person singular pronouns. And for christians, Jesus had to be either male or female, and only male would have worked back in those days.

  19. Very helpful site. I think it was Max Planck who pointed out that we are trying to describe a cosmos inside of which we are situated – a rather awkward position for those trying to be objective.

    It is true that apparent design does not prove the existence of God, but constitutes a sign post leading towards the Creator.

    My own belief is based on personal experience, and I feel strongly that a conviction of the presence of God is based on such experience, which can be shared only up to a point. It is in essence incommunicable by means of speech. Perhaps music comes closest.

    The Nicene Creed cannot be bettered when it says: Light from Light, true God from True God.

    Four line stanzas:


    I saw Glory on His throne
    Light from light and love from love,
    Mystery of death His crown
    Might and mercy were His gloves

    For if He should stretch out one hand
    And touch the soul with punishment,
    Such punishment it could not stand
    So it would beg for banishment

    Yet Glory can be merciful
    Beyond all depth and beauty such
    The blessed praise with canticles
    The mildness of His mercy’s touch

    Truth itself is Glory’s face
    But this no spirit yet can bear
    Until discarding every trace
    Of its defense the soul stands there

    May 25, 2016

  20. Hi Pavel, thanks for your positive comments. I agree with you that personal experience is a valid basis for belief, and often the strongest one. But I also agree with you that universal design is a strong pointer to God, and that we are in the position of observing the universe from the inside in some respects, but from the outside in other respects (the only thing we know fully from the inside is our own mind).

  21. Hi UnkleE,

    In 1 Timothy 6,10, there is a reference to One who dwells in unapproachable light, *fos oikon apprositon*.

    This light is the sign and cloak of the transcendent One, and it appears to many who experience the transcendent, and in works of art, such as the paintings of Fra Angelico and in innumerable Orthodox icons.

    But we must be small to see it, the smaller the better. The less there is of us, the closer to God.

  22. Sorry, that should be 1 Timothy, 6, 16.
    * aprositon * with one p in both alphabets.

    In Him all things are unified, thoughts and emotions as well as forces and fields, all together, and all shall be well, and we shall praise Him in joy and peace forever.

  23. I am doing a DNA speech. I have taken away some parts of information to enrich my knowledge.


  24. Dear Mom/Sir, I understand you very well. May God get what he wants from us!! God bless you.

  25. I’ve read through the remarks here and find a great abundance of knowledge. My idea of universality differs from most models in that I believe everything that has a beginning, has an end. It is so hard for me to imagine a universe that began from nothing. I believe that we have moral agency to choose our own path to the degree that we stay out of one another’s hula-hoop. But I cannot imagine a universe where my intelligence, divine or otherwise, does not exist. Intelligence does not need space or time. Only rocks, rivers, marigolds tigers, mosquitoes, air and the rest can dwell at or where I can observe them with my physical eyes. But I can see so much more when I go to my mind and see a reason why I have moral agency. You all have helped me with another objective lesson that piques my subjective mind from the ethereal infinity I believe is my reality.

  26. Hi Les, thanks for reading and letting me know some of your thoughts. It is hard for me to imagine a universe that began from nothing, or which is eternal and had no beginning. Of course it is also hard to imagine God always existing, but I find that more believable than the universe always existing.

    If this website has helped you in some way, I am well pleased. Thanks.

  27. My “take” on these matters: The Atheist assumes that once one is dead, one is forever dead. Take the person’s non-existence into the future as far as you want, but the person, after an almost-incomprehensible, yet finite amount of time (trillions of trillions of trillions of trillions of years, etc.), will still be dead and will stay dead forever. For the dead person there will be no awareness of the passing of time, but the person will never come back to life, once this time has passed, to meet the Supreme Being who must be responsible for this resurrection. And the Atheist must look in the other direction and believe that an Infinite amount of time [as compared to the finite amount of time allowed in the first assumption] must have preceded the dead person’s birth, since the Atheist does not accept the Cosmological argument (which demands a Beginning). But if things and events run forever away from me into the past which came before me, I could not be here, since the past would never reach me. And yet, Here I am! This problem makes me want to accept the Cosmological Argument, but so many details are missing. Where are those for have gone before us? (for example).

  28. I’m not sure if I understand all you say here, but I agree with this: “if things and events run forever away from me into the past which came before me, I could not be here, since the past would never reach me. And yet, Here I am!” I think it is thoughts like this that convince me that the universe could not have had an infinite past.

    But I don’t understand what you mean be “so many details are missing” and also “Where are those for have gone before us?” Can you explain a little more please?

  29. Thank you, God, for Miracle Healings. Who doesn’t need a Miracle Healing? Everyone, everywhere, always. Those who know it least may need it most. There is no bad time or place for Miracles.

  30. The interesting fact to me was about the infinity..yeah! I agree.if we cant count to infinity from a starting point then the infinity series never had any starting point…so we can say that god is infinity who has niether any starting point nor any ending nd who led this all happen…..this is an amazing site..i want to know more..

  31. I am so happy to find this site. I strongly believe in miraculous healing. I am trusting God for receiving a total and holistic healing now.
    pray for me
    my contact: I am a Nigerian.

  32. Exploring the possibility of some correlation between negativity rapidly displacing optimism in the first few years of this century and at the same time, local Christian causes increasingly dropping below critical mass – and commentators describe these, same, years as post-Christian – I have discovered your insightful survey. Not so much to blame for wars as some would have us believe is good news but is there anything you know about … in the sociology of religion perhaps … that suggests religion inhibits warfare?

  33. Hi PJ, thanks for reading. I have prayed for your healing, and hope things improve for you.

    Hi Jim, I think the studies suggest that religion can inhibit or support war. It depends on whether people believe in a God who sanctions war or opposes it.

  34. I’m a Sunday school teacher & was looking for miraculous healing stories to share with the children. I found your examples perfect for our need. Thank you for sharing them! It’s my desire to share the love of the Lord with our kids & to give them hope & Biblical ‘tools’ to use in their future. The more we can contribute to their lives now, the better adults they will be. God bless you in your work!

  35. Hi Joy, thanks for letting me know and giving me that encouragement. I’m glad my blog was useful. I hope the lessons went well.

  36. While searching for a prayer to comfort my Uncle on loss of his 101 -year old mother, my grandmother, I came across a Native American prayer, that then led me to this site. The prayer combined with the 10 stories on your blog have helped me. I am a Christian, but a profound sense of dismay due to unanswered prayers had recently began to overtake me. Thank you for sharing this and encouraging me as well as many others,

  37. Hi Joy, I regularly pray that God will lead to my two websites people who will benefit in some way from them. It never ceases to amaze me how he does it, but I’m very thankful. Thank you too for letting me know, it is a great encouragement. I hope you find answers and peace about your prayers.

  38. I think my condition(s) started in military service ’68-’70, was initially diagnosed with MS in ’84 at the state university hospital neurology clinic, atypical SCD/SCA at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in ’88, forgot what the S stands for, memory is now failing short/long term, PPMS at VA neurology clinic 2010, however VA decided SCD/A was more likely the condition as protocol for diagnosing MS was stricter than ’84 protocol without MRI lesions, retired disabled in ’92 on state and SS disability, was the quickest decision from SS, about 10 weeks from the application. I had been applying for and appealing for VA disability since releasing from Army in Feb ’70 after Army doctors at my exit physical told me to go to the VA. In Feb 2016 a VA Judge approved me at 100% service connected disability with a huge back pay and more than $4000/mo disability pay. There may have been a miracle there with that decision as I was becoming too mentally weak to appeal further. I am not a good Catholic but still a Catholic, believe in our Creator and that since we came from His Universe, we will return to His Universe(s) and hope all humans, animals, insects and plants will reside in Heaven after death and whatever else God gives to us after death. At 72, using a walker and wheelchair, the VA is taking good care of me at the Jackson, MS VA Hospital, highly recommended by me. I fear nothing and is likely a fault. I do not pray for myself, only for my family, relatives, friends and others suffering injuries, birth defects (my 28 yr old daughter is a Down’s syndrome), cancers and other dangerous medical conditions. A neurosurgeon told me last May ’16 that I can’t have any surgery (or more steroid injections) on my neck and lower back because of arachnoiditis, inflammation of spinal fluid that has damaged my peripheral nerves as they leave the spinal cord, something that neurologists have said but I didn’t understand or forgot. .I do believe in miracles. It would be wonderful if I could stand up straight, have normal balance, no more vertigo, can walk and run through my woods and get some exercise. As it is, I’m in bed, sitting except going to and from the bathroom and bedroom, still smoking cigarettes. I just remembered what S stood for: Spino-Cerebellar degeneration and/or Ataxia.

  39. Hi and thanks for the article.
    As to the ‘big-bang’ creation of the universe or God creating it I see no contradiction in God saying ‘Let there be light’ and then what follows is the ‘big-bang.’
    It seems to me to be a fair way of pleasing all – creationists and scientists. However, in stead of God saying ‘Let there be light’ it might be more appropriate if we think of God saying ‘Let there be Time’ and everything thus would follow quite naturally.
    Regards from Rew.

  40. Hi Andrew, thanks for you favourable comment. Yes, that is how I see the origin of the universe too, though if there is a multiverse, it changes things a little.

    You make an interesting point about time. I think we can say that the universe is composed of space, time, matter and energy. We can see matter and energy as the same thing in different forms, and we may perhaps see time as the fourth dimension. So perhaps there were two fundamentals in creation – space-time and matter-energy.

  41. Our God is an awesome God. I totally know and believe that God is a God of miracles.

    There is no doubt that Dr Sean George was healed by God’s grace through his wife’s prayers. That was a huge leap of faith.

    If you are interested, please see miracle healing on Emmanuel TV- Synagogue Church of all Nations. It’s a ministry run by Prophet TB Joshua from Lagos Nigeria. I have witnessed God’s work on their live services.

    I also believe that there are many more incidents all over the world where believers come
    together to testify to the goodness of our Almighty Lord.

    It’s a pity that we still have many people who don’t believe that God is able to make the impossible possible.

  42. Outstanding website! Praise God! We are Christian authors (my wife and I work together on our books.) Yes of course the Lord heals–we also have experienced many miracles touching our lives. And, of course, more are needed and we believe and confess the Word and the Name of Jesus over those needs. Thanks again for your godly work, we look forward to reading your book!

    In His service,
    Bette and Wayne Price

  43. You posited three explanations for the existence of the universe in a concise, logical and reasonable manner. Excellent job. Everything that exists had a cause. The universe exists. Therefore, it had a cause. That “cause” is either, what we may call “God,” or something else, i.e., a purely material or scientific explanation, susceptible, in theory, to eventual proof. But perhaps not at this time. Consciousness in the universe appears with the creation of people. We have consciousness of the universe. But we may only be around for a short time in the cosmic scale. “A flicker of consciousness” in the universe, and then we’re gone. Question: What is, or was, the reason (if any) for some entity that exists in the universe (people), that has consciousness of the creation and scale of the universe? Did people evolve into conscious-beings just by chance? A sort of cruel joke played on us by a godless, arbitrary universe without inherent meaning? Or is the consciousness by human beings of the creation and scale of the universe something that God gave us so as to be able to witness His creation?

  44. Hi David, thanks for reading and offering a comment.

    I think we are in agreement here. Consciousness is difficult to understand as a product of evolution alone, but makes much more sense if God created us for a purpose.

  45. As per hinduism supreme god is formless, shapeless, and not bound to time or space. all other gods like jesus, allah, buddah, shiva,vishnu, brahma are incarnations and subsect of supreme god. they take human forms and come to earth for different purposes.
    we have more historical evidence in hinduism for god than other religions.

  46. Hi “s”, thanks for visiting and leaving a note. I’m interested to hear what you say about Hinduism. Christianity would be partly in agreement with what you say, for we would believe that Jesus was an incarnation of the eternal, non-material God.

    But I am curious about your statement “we have more historical evidence in hinduism for god”. Can you explain what historical evidence there is for Hinduism and God? Thanks.

  47. even so if the universe started with a bang, some one, like god, would have created it to start the ball rolling, so to speak. the complexity of matter & especially life itself requires an intelligent being to have started it.
    how it began and how it will end, no one knows. the universe through the laws of physics or whatever is suspended in space we know nothing of. if everything in motion, the whole universe, just stops, where does it go? will the objects drop to some abyss or will they be sucked up, sucked in, somewhere or will they all crush into one?
    if there is god, i think he is the darkness that pervades the universe. when all light is extinguished only darkness will prevail – as it was, is, and will be.

  48. I once read that wisdom starts with the fear of God. I happen to agree. Nowadays, with atheism/satanism on the rise, even the belief that God exists is eroding, thus making it impossible for many to ever become wise.

    I truly appreciate your website and hope there will follow a YouTube presentation someday.

  49. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Belief in God may be declining in some English-speaking countries, but it is growing other countries. I think that in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc where belief is declining, those of us who believe are challenged to live in a way that shows that God-belief is good.

  50. Some people say they have looked even in human brains and cannot find God. But everything you can See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell IS God – There is NO OTHER!
    We are as the fish who does not “see” the water because he is immersed in it. We do not see God because we are immersed in “him” or “it” or “All That Is”!

  51. I have been studying apologetics for a couple of years, but not come upon your site. I was looking for some details on the problems encountered with copying the scriptures. That is when I discovered your site. I have not read this page in detail, but a quick glance tells me that there is much to digest on this one page. Many thanks for providing so many answers for me. I will be looking closely at other pages. Many thanks and God Bless.

  52. Hi Richard, thanks for that encouragement. I’m glad whenever my site is helpful to someone. I’m not sure which page you are referring to (I don’t have comments on the bottom of pages, only on posts and special comment pages like this one) but I guess it was on the reliability of the NT.

    I am in the process of re-structuring the site to make it more mobile-friendly, so a few things are still getting sorted, but I hope you can find links to the content you want.

  53. I’ve just discovered your site, and it’s full of wonderful, interesting information and insight. Very impressive, really great. I’ll check it regularly.

  54. God is truly amazing when you think about it. Before the universe came into existence, God was. Time did not exist because God is timeless. If you rea the first five verses of the bible, it tells us that God created the heavens and the earth and that it was without form and was void. There was NO light, therefore there was NO sun, moon or stars. Time did not start until God created the universe for us. He created the angels, then He created this wonderful universe.
    Physics shows that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed into a different form of energy. Therefore, the first light to be created as stated in Genesis was created by God (who is the light of the world). Light cannot be stopped, only deflected in some manner and changed into a different form of energy. When a person dies, the energy of that person does not disintegrate. It becomes a different form of energy and continues on (Thus eternal life through our Lord).
    God created the universe, whether it was in a big bang or out of nothing. The way it shall end is when God shall send Jesus back.

  55. Hi Gerald, thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you – the existence of the universe is an amazing fact, totally unexplainable apart from God. I’m not sure I agree with your comment “When a person dies, the energy of that person does not disintegrate. It becomes a different form of energy and continues on” – I think we only live on because God intervenes – but that is not an important difference. I think that the big bang is creation out of nothing (unless we live in a multiverse), and I agree with you that God did it. Thanks again.

  56. Maybe I should have clarified the form of energy that the person lives on as. The energy that a person has does not simply go away, because God is the being that instilled that energy within us to start with. Therefore, when a person dies, that energy within a person, the spirit, lives on with God for eternity or without Him (in Hell) for eternity. Either way that person will live through eternity. God gives us the choice through Jesus Christ to decide which way we decide to travel after this life. This is my perspective.
    Thank you for your reply.

  57. Hi Eric, I remember visiting your website back in 2013 and some emails we had about it back then! I had tried sending you an email to the address I had, but it looks like you no longer use that address, and when I tried to use this site’s feedback form a couple PHP errors came up when I hit ‘Send Feedback’ so I don’t know if it went through. But send me an email, I’d like to reconnect!
    No need to make this comment visible or anything, just trying to let you know about the site’s feedback form and to reconnect!

  58. It’s rare to find someone in which breadth and depth of knowledge, purity in intention, passion for what they do, and unwavering unselfish dedication all come together. I don’t know Eric personally, but his site–the time and effort he has clearly put into each and every page and article he’s written–speaks for itself. Whether you’re looking to just get your toes wet or prefer wading in the depths, there’s something here for everyone to help assist them on their journey of faith. Thank you, sincerely Eric, for all you’ve put into this site and for all the good it’s undoubtedly done in the lives of those who have come across it!

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