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  1. Most people feel there is more to life than merely existing. Jesus, is God, maniest to us so we might have true life both now and for ever. Believers follow Jesus in faith; a faith that reveals more of God’s character to us and knowing him more helps us love him more and the more we love him, and therefore our neighbour, the more he endows us with a godly character, eventually like Jesus. We can know God/Jesus is real as we look upon his creative work in the universe especially planet earth, mankind and all creation. We also know God by faith and in both listening and speaking to us in spirit. The closer we draw to God the closer he commes to us. If you haven’t yet prayed for God to reveal himself to you do so now, in fath, and he surely will. It’s the.beginning of a wonderful and exiting journey. We might not know the road ahead but he does, therefore we put our hand in his for daily guidance. I used to deny God but having brought me to my knees, over thirty years ago, turning to him was my best LIFE decision.

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