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A website for those asking some of life's big questions.


Why think about God?

We have so much, why not just live to please ourselves? It would be so easy.

But will this make us as happy as we think? Perhaps life has a higher purpose? Maybe there is a God.

Perhaps you have been thinking about God and wondering whether there is any evidence that he is there, or wondering why he seems so hidden?

How this site can help you

I don't try to tell you how to think. Instead, I have tried to put together well-researched information, ideas and true stories that together might point you to God. The rest is up to you.

Why not have a look around? Or check out what I believe.

Comments from readers

"Many thanks for this excellent site. You have handled apologetics with knowledge, skill, and caring." Christine Sunderland, Novelist, July 2014.

"Hi UnkleE, Just wanted to say that your website is awesome. .... Keep up the good work - you're one of those rare characters on the internet who is actually thoughtful and respectful, rather than dogmatic and argumentative." Trav, December 2011 & April 2012.

"A beautiful site, and very helpful. Thank you for putting so much work into it. I especially love the 'Does God Exist' probability test. Very well done." Richard, February 2009.

" Thank you ... for providing such a wonderful and thought provoking place to visit. .... You've obviously taken great efforts to represent different views while supplying much food for thought to the alternative. " Tommy, March 2007.