Did Jesus really perform miracles? Can we believe it?

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  1. Yes, Jesus performed miracles then and still does now! Jesus tells us in John 14:12,”You will do greater things than I.” How is this possible? Simple! We have the Holy Spirit of God in us when we ask Jesus into our lives, to forgive us of our sins, and to save our souls for all eternity! So what you ask? Good! Through the power of the Holy Spirit in me, I, and several others at the time, laid hands on a young man who had just been diagnosed with brain cancer the size of your fist. They have him three months to live. Within a few months, the tumor had shrunk down to the point where it was almost gone. The headaches had almost ceased. We prayed again, and very shortly after, when he went in for a CAT scan, the tumor was completely gone. They have him 6 months to live, but that was almost two years ago now. My neighbor was in the hospital with a tumor in his intestines and due to go in for surgery the next week. We went to the hospital, laid hands on him and prayed for healing, as we did with t he other man, and when they were about to wheel him in for surgery, they wanted to make see how the tumor was doing, and it was completely gone. He got dressed and went home. He is still fine today, more than a couple of years later. YES, JESUS WORKED MIRACLES THEN…AND HE STILL DOES TODAY, through us, his followers and believers! Try it, you’ll like it!

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