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Arguing about the existence of God (2) – unkleE’s guidelines

I started my previous post with the observation that the internet is full of discussions between believers and unbelievers, and not all of them are civil, respectful and constructive.

Arguing about the existence of God (1)

Arguing about the existence of God seems to be a major part of the internet. But I wonder how much it achieves.

Two scientists, probability and God

I have always found astronomy and cosmology fascinating since I was a boy, and so I follow several science blogs. Recently two of them published interesting blog posts on probability and Bayes Theorem. Even if you’re not much interested in maths, I think there’s plenty worth looking at in these posts.

Reasons to believe: one person’s meat is another’s poisson!

Victor Reppert is a philosopher. His book, CS Lewis’s Dangerous Idea discusses the theistic argument from reason. His blog, Dangerous Idea has long been a source of information and ideas for me, and many others. Recently he responded to the argument that there is no evidence for God, and summarised his reasons for believing in […]

Sean Carroll’s non-cosmological arguments against God

In a recent internet discussion of fine tuning, I was referred to a 2014 debate between Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig, where Carroll made a number of criticisms of the fine-tuning argument used by Craig. He also included some other statements he regarded as showing that the universe looks like one NOT created by […]

Objections to the theistic argument from fine-tuning

Last post I presented evidence that indicates that the scientific evidence shows that the universe is indeed “fine-tuned” – i.e. of all the possible universes allowed by theoretical physics, very, very few would have allowed life to evolve. This post I consider objections to using this scientific evidence to argue that God exists.

This blog’s aspiration

Picture: Heart Centred Rebalancing.

How to avoid ideas you don’t like without actually showing that they’re wrong

Guest post by Noel Reeson I’ve been hanging around the internet for about a decade now, often getting into discussion about religion. Some can get a little tiresome, and you can make it hard on yourself if you try to check out every reference and reply to every so-called fact. So I’ve worked out a few […]

Finding Truth

I had never heard of this book or its author until a friend bought it for me as a present. But it proved to be a really worthwhile read.

Does there have to be a reason for everything?

I think about belief, and the reasons I believe, quite a lot. And I sometimes ponder, if I cut it down to just one reason, what would it be? What is it that I just can’t go past? I don’t think I really can simplify it like that, but if I could, this would maybe […]