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Atheists and christians – does it have to be war?

I have several times blogged on how christians and atheists relate to each other on the internet, because I think courtesy is better than rudeness, and attitudes on both sides can be improved. So I was interested in christian author Benjamin Corey’s thoughts on this.

A time to look back …. and forwards

I don’t usually review my blog in a post, but ten years is a milestone worth marking.

Converting an HTML site to WordPress

This page in brief For years I had a self-coded HTML website with a blog attached. Late last year I made the decision to make it entirely built on WordPress, which necessitated converting about a hundred HTML pages to WordPress pages, and solving quite a few problems along the way. I am not a professional […]

Two scientists, probability and God

I have always found astronomy and cosmology fascinating since I was a boy, and so I follow several science blogs. Recently two of them published interesting blog posts on probability and Bayes Theorem. Even if you’re not much interested in maths, I think there’s plenty worth looking at in these posts.

Time for a change

Expect some changes in this website soon. I want to update the design, mostly to make it better suited for viewing on mobiles (more than a third of my visits now) and to make it more stable and easier for me to manage. There’ll be disruption for quite a while as I gradually update and […]

Holy story-telling Batman! It’s Invent-a-Jesus!

A lot of books have been written about Jesus. It’s not really surprising. An obscure boy from nowhere becomes perhaps the most influential person who ever lived. A third of the world believes he was divine. And so the books keep rolling off the presses – or off the keyboards these days when anyone can […]

This blog’s aspiration

Picture: Heart Centred Rebalancing.

The primary reason we each believe what we do

Benjamin Corey’s Formerly Fundie blog is one I read regularly. Benjamin mostly writes, from a slightly radical perspective, about christianity and church in America. But his latest blog (Why I Just Couldn’t Be An Atheist, Even If I Wanted To) discussed how he and an atheist friend sometimes discuss their respective beliefs.

I’m a guest blogger

Eva, a fellow Aussie who blogs as The Aspirational Agnostic asked me to write a guest post, and so I tried something different – three short, short stories under the title There is love. You may like to check it out.

Welcome to atheists (and others)

In this blog I explore questions of belief and disbelief, ethics, evidence, etc, all relating to the question of whether God exists. Readers agree and disagree, and some accuse me of inconsistency or dishonesty. I thought it might be worthwhile setting out, particularly for the benefit of non-believers who visit, how I try to work, […]