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This blog and the website are just over 18 months old, though they continue on from previous versions that go back years. I thought it might be appropriate, as 2013 begins, to review what I am aiming to do and what this site offers.

Life’s big questions

Many interesting blogs share their writer’s experience of life in a deeply personal way. But this blog has a different aim – to be a website for those asking life’s big questions.

Big questions about life, philosophy, religion, science, ethics and faith. (Might as well aim high!)

No-one knows everything

To answer these questions, we need evidence, ideas and innovative thoughts, from philosophy, history, science, theology, neuroscience, cosmology, psychology and anthropology.

Few of us have expertise in all those areas, and I certainly don’t. So I try to be a gatherer of information.

Like a General Practitioner

In the Australian healthcare system (and I expect it’s much the same everywhere), if I feel unwell I go to my GP (general practitioner or family doctor), who is the unsung hero of the system. He or she knows a little about everything, enough to diagnose my problem and, where necessary, refer me off to a specialist who is expert in the area.

I see myself as being like that GP, drawing on the expertise of scientists, historians, theologians and philosophers, and trying to summarise what they say, then trying to tie it all together and draw conclusions.

Modest aims

So my aims in this website and blog are:

  1. to draw on the best information available to outline the facts and understanding of the best cosmologists, historians, neuroscientists, philosophers, theologians and others;
  2. to briefly summarise the differing conclusions people draw from this information; and
  3. to outline the conclusions I come to as a christian.

Another year beckons!

I hope to keep doing this in the coming year. And I hope you will find it helpful, interesting, perhaps even life-changing.

Thank you for reading, subscribing, or just dropping in. Best wishes for 2013.

Check it out

  1. Read factual information on Does religion cause wars?, Science and the design of the universe, Archaeology and John’s Gospel and What makes people happy?.
  2. Read the conclusions of historians on Was Jesus a real person?, the findings of medical researcher who investigated ten healing miracles, or the conclusions of cosmologists on Was the universe designed for us?.
  3. Check out Why I believe, The Cosmological argument for the existence of God or an apparent healing miracle in an emergency ward.

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  1. Thanks for the idea Phil. I’m not very clued up on ‘share’ buttons and social media. Can you tell me what you want and how you would use it (so I understand better) please? And where should it be placed – in the sidebar (where I presume it would apply to the home page) or at the bottom of each post (where I resume it would apply to that post), or both? My other blog comes with a bunch of social media buttons at the bottom of each post, is that what you want? Thanks for helping me out like this.

  2. Only just read this, so sorry for delay. I was thinking of things at the bottom of the post, but I don’t know how to do it unless it comes with the package that you use to build the site. Perhaps another reader of this might comment….

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