Following Jesus

This page last updated June 24th, 2022

Perhaps you have come to believe that Jesus was truly the son of God, or at least someone you want to follow. Perhaps you want to change the world, or change in yourself. These pages give some ideas on how you may take these steps.

Join the revolution

jesus-mosiacJesus was perhaps the most influential man who ever lived. Today, more than a third of the world claim to follow his teachings. You can find out more about who he was and why people believe in him in the Jesus section of this website.

You can begin to follow Jesus yourself, and this can make a difference in your own life, and in the world.

Keeping it simple

Following Jesus will often be challenging, but I see no reason why it needs to be complicated. So in these pages I have tried to keep things simple, free from rules and cliches, and faithful to Jesus’ own teachings and to the Bible generally.

I hope you find them helpful.

first-stepsFollowing Jesus: first steps

Faith for the new millennium

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