Let the oppressed go free

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Those of us who live in the west have many privileges and many freedoms that billions of others don’t have. Learn about how powerless people can be enslaved, trafficked and forced to work or fight so others can make a profit. And learn how we can fight this insidious trade.


About a billion people live in such poverty that they are classed as “hungry”. Every year, millions die of preventable disease, or hunger, while millions are trafficked out of their country and into economic slavery or prostitution, or forced to fight in armed conflicts.

traffikked-womanPeople shouldn’t be bought and sold. We might think that slavery ended with the work of William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln. But the terrible fact is that millions of people live in slavery today, and millions more are trafficked into slavery each year. But we can act to reduce this sickening trade.

Cocoa in the Ivory Coast.The bitter truth about chocolate. The growing and production of cocoa for chocolate is a lucrative trade, but child trafficking and unfair prices and conditions for growers and harvesters has blighted the trade for years. But people are fighting back!

t-shirtEthical clothing. Too often third world workers are oppressed so we can buy cheaper clothing. Child or forced labour can be used to grow cotton or make garments – and some of the biggest names in fashion can profit from this. Learn what to look out for, and how you can be part of making a difference.

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