Knowing God

This page last updated July 4th, 2016

If we decide, for whatever reasons, that we think God is real, how would we know anything about the character of God? And how would we know if we could get to know him, and if so, how?

I have a few thoughts about these questions. Nothing totally definite, just some things to think about. They may help you think about these questions yourself.

Perhaps he has left us some signs. Perhaps he is revealed in one of more of the world’s religions. But how would we know? How could we decide?

if-theresGod (Show me a sign!) Perhaps God has done just that. On this page we consider 3 questions. (1) Do all religions lead to God? (2) Perhaps God wants us to live a good life without any promises or threats from him? (3) Perhaps God wants us to know him, and has done something to let us know.

whereWhere in the world is God? Here we examine what the various world religions say about God. What is the purpose of life. How can we know the truth about God? How can we know what God is like, what he/she/it expects of us, and how we can live up to those requirements.

Choosing my religionworld-religions Check out some criteria we might use to judge whether the beliefs of different religions fit what we can infer about God from observing the universe, and my assessment of how the different religions stack up.

Photo Credit: Bryce Bradford via Compfight cc.