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Jordan’s story is harrowing at the start, as she is poorly treated by the men in her life. But ends up full of hope as she stumbles upon a way out of her dead end.

A bad start in life

Her early life was ruined by violent men. Her father was violent and left home when she was seven. Her mother was physically and emotionally abusive. She was raped when she was a young child and again when she was a teenager.

After one more beating at age fifteen, Jordan left home, but the men she moved in with didn’t treat her well. Eventually she got pregnant but the father wasn’t interested in marriage. She was in debt and drug-dependent.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up

So that Christmas, more than a decade ago, Jordan decided to go to church. And as she sat in church, she felt God speaking to her.

Fortunately, she had attended a church that was well-equipped to help her. After conversations with one of the ministers, Jordan came to believe in Jesus, committed herself to following him, and opened herself to the spirit of God. Her boyfriend, not interested in God, marriage or the soon-to-arrive baby, left her.

Her closest friends, a whole group, attended the baby’s birth, which the hospital staff found unusual. And then she sought counselling from the church’s prayer counselling team. Step by step, over a period of years, she allowed God and the team to accompany her through some of her most hurtful experiences – the abuse, the cupboard under the stairs where she used to hide, the occult activities her family used to engage in.

As the team has prayed, Jordan has felt God’s love and affirmation. Her low self esteem has been healed. The horrific nightmares which used to crush her every night have ceased.

A happy ending

Jordan is now happily married with two young children. Her husband loves her and respects her, and she trusts him. She is now the leader of a small group in her church.

This story can be found in Alison Morgan’s book, The Wild Gospel. When Alison asked Jordan if she could include her story in the book, Jordan replied, “Yes, and tell them it lasts.”

Photo: MorgueFile. This is not a photo of Jordan.

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